Let it Ride Strategy

Let It Ride is popularly known as a streaky slot game, just like any other. Usually when you are receiving good hands in your game, you will profit regularly but if you are losing, there's really nothing you can change about your fortune. There are basically no bettor decisions needed, and this simplicity has what made the slot machine so popular.

- If you are planning to succeed at LIR, try to bet only the required minimum bet. Increase your minimum bet only if you have substantial winnings, and even so, think about it twice. In this kind of game you can lose your money very quickly, so do not risk more than what it necessary unless your winnings are at least 100 percent higher than your initial bankroll.

- Always take back your first and second bets, unless you have a "pat" hand from the start.

- Don't "let it ride" if you have only a marginal chance, such as a small pair (9s or less), or a flush or straight draw. Most of the time you will end up losing if you "let it ride," and therefore these situations are substantially a "sucker" bet.

- If you receive a pair of 10s or better, you now have a "pat hand" therefore always stay in for all the rounds of that hand. You have won already!

- Let the first bet ride only if you do have a draw to a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush. Don't do it otherwise, or it will cost you. If you do not improve your hand on the second round, pull back your second bet. That way you only have the first and third bets riding, and only in these Royal Flush or Straight Flush situations.

- Don't be upset if you make a hand on the last turn and you didn't stay in for the first and second round bets. It's better to win something than to risk losing it all. And even a small win at LIR, even with only the last bet, can be substantial.

- Many players have the tendency to "let it ride" from the beginning of the game, occasionally not even looking at the cards they get. This is foolish and can cost you a lot of money. No matter what you see other players do at the table, and no matter of what you think you can make out of the three-card hand you first receive, do not let other players' silly play dictate your game. It's your bet and it's your money, so play your hand to win and not to lose by bad plays.

- Your best opportunity at winning is by improving a "pat hand," and not forcing a marginal hand to win it. If you take the first bet down, and on the first dealer's turn you see that you have made a winning hand, you still have two bets which win, so why risk it unless you know for sure you have such a winning hand? I was dealt two Queens once, and the dealer turned up the other two Queens. I made a four-of-a-kind for $750, and did so without having my bets at risk, since I already had a "pat hand" to start with. And that's the only way you'll make any kind of consistent wins at this game.

- Probably the best strategy advice I can give you is seat selection. LIR and Caribbean Stud always deal cards left to right of the dealer's position (right to left from the player's view). Therefore, the first base will always get the first hand out, while every other hand will change as players come in and out of the game. Consequently, if you are sitting at the first base position and you are getting good cards, this will not be affected even though someone else in front of you has left the game, or comes into the game. You will always be the first to get cards, and this is very powerful in this game. In any other seat on the table, your order of cards will alter as players leave and come in.

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